Baseball at schools


Baseball at your school / University

You are planning on offering a Baseball class at your school or University and have questions regarding an easy introduction of the sport to your students, good drills or are looking for a school set to provide your students with equipment?

We are here to help – with tips for easy, efficient practice set-ups for groups and the right equipment. Our staff consists of former players and coaches and they are your knowledgeable source when it comes to everything related to “Baseball at school” for all age groups.

Of course we can also provide the right equipment for your class. Our focus is always your budget, the targeted age group and a tailored selection of items based on your needs.
Since those needs vary from project to project and school to school, you won’t find an equipment package from the shelf at Fielder’s Choice. Instead, we listen to your ideas and your project and put together an individual package that fits your needs.

To give you an idea about the price range: a “classic” Youth Baseball set including 12 leather gloves, 12 balls, a base set, two aluminum bats, a batting tee and an equipment bag is available for under EUR 700.00.
And of course we service German based school and public institutions on open invoice terms.

For more information, please get in touch with us, either via E-mail at or via phone under +49 (0)2103 880722