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Whiffle Ball Golfball Whiffle Ball Golfball
Perforated plastic ball, great for hitting drills. Golfball size White only!
€0.70 *
Whiffle Ball Softball Whiffle Ball Softball
Perforated plastic ball, great for hitting drills. Softball size. White only!
€1.00 *
TVB T-Ball single TVB T-Ball single
Impact reduced 9” T-Ball for In- or Outdoors, official size and weight, Synthetic Cover. price per one
€5.00 *
WTA1217B Soft Compression Baseball single WTA1217B Soft Compression Baseball single
T-Ball soft rubber core, Flat Seam, Synthetic Leather cover. Price per ball
€5.00 *
R100-UP1 Composite Baseball single R100-UP1 Composite Baseball single
Durable Practice Ball with Polyurethan Cover, water resistant. Ideal ball for Batting Practice or fielding drills under wet conditions. Official size and weight (9 oz, 5 in.). Raised Seam. Washable, will not soak up water (after two...
€7.50 *
Pro Hitter Pro Hitter
As seen in Major League Baseball. The Pro Hitter is a hand protection device that is worn on the thumb of the hand when holding a bat. The Pro Hitter protects the area between the thumb and pointer finger from vibrations and helps to...
€9.00 *
BASICBR Batting Tee Ball Rest BASICBR Batting Tee Ball Rest
Replacement Ball holder for Rawlings Batting Tees
€9.00 *
Reaction Ball Reaction Ball
Looks like a regular Baseball but doesn’t act like it – an off-center weight causes the Reaction Ball to bounce erratically and unpredictably providing a world of drills to catchers and infielders to work on their fielding reflexes. A...
€14.00 *
Bat Rack Bat Rack
Bat Rack, unfolds to hang on chain link fence
€17.00 *
Super Slugger Bat HJ21FO weight 21 oz. Super Slugger Bat HJ21FO weight 21 oz.
The Super Slugger Bat weight is slid onto the handle of the bat and increases the overall weight of the bat. Great to build up bat speed and stamina. Safe for live hitting. Fits both Base- and Softball Bats.
€25.00 *
Pro Pine Tar Applikator Pro Pine Tar Applikator
Pine Tar Applicator (approx. 13“ x 11“) with sewn-in towel. Snap closure, inc. liquid pine tar. For easy and clean pine tar application on wood bat (liquid pine tar and bat not included).
€26.00 *
Throw Down Baseset Throw Down Baseset
Rubber-Baseset for easy and quick Field set up. The set contains three Bases, a Pitcher Rubber and a Homeplate.
€29.00 *
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