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1 Set (three Buckles) replacement Clips for Rawlings Hockey Style Catcher Helmets.
€4.00 *
BBS Harness BBS Harness
Replacement waist harness for Rawlings Chestprotectors
€6.00 *
Shoulder Cap Shoulder Cap
Wilson extra shoulder cap
€8.00 *
LGX Toe Extension LGX Toe Extension
Toe extension for Rawlings Legguards.
€9.00 *
CPX Shouldercap CPX Shouldercap
Rawlings Extra Shoulder Cap
€9.00 *
DNS Harness DNS Harness
Replacement harness for Rawlings LLBP-1 Youth Chestprotector
€12.00 *
Replacement harness for Rawlings LLCH1 Youth Catcher Helmet
€15.00 *
LGE Legguard Straps LGE Legguard Straps
Legguard straps replacement set. Set includes 6 straps. Available in black only.
€19.00 *
HHS Harness HHS Harness
Replacment shoulder harness for Rawlings RCP and AGP Chestprotectors.
€20.00 *
8P2 Youth Chestprotector 8P2 Youth Chestprotector
Rawlings 8P2 Youth Chestprotector Catcher Chestprotector Youth (15” length) two layer foam padding With its 15“ body length, the 8P2 Chestprotector has the really young player in mind. In this age group, body protection has the highest...
€35.00 *
CFPBHM Matte Catcher Skull Cap black CFPBHM Matte Catcher Skull Cap black
Rawlings CFPBHM Matte Catcher Skull Cap Catcher Skull Cap / Base Coach Helmet Matte ABS shell with covered headband Classic Catcher Skull Cap with matte finish. CoolFlo technology provides increased air circulation. Covered Headband for...
€38.00 * €48.00 *
RKR Knee Reliever RKR Knee Reliever
Knee Reliver Relief stress on knees while in a crouched position easliy attach to any legguard black pair only!
€46.00 *
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