R9 R9CM325BG Catcher Mitt

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Baseball Glove Rawlings R9 R9CM325BG Catcher Mitt Baseball Catcher Mitt 32 1/2" Circumference,... more
Product information "R9 R9CM325BG Catcher Mitt"

Baseball Glove Rawlings R9 R9CM325BG Catcher Mitt
Baseball Catcher Mitt
32 1/2" Circumference, pro sized
pre-oiled R9 Leather
1-piece closed web
open back

There are very few sounds that compare to the rich thump of a hard pitched Baseball hitting a good Catcher Mitt. Catchers that use a R9 Mitt know this sound very well and wouldn’t trade it for the world. That is probably why there are so many Catchers that use a R9 Mitt all their career and, hey, we can understand why. After all, the Pro Soft Leather is not just any leather, it is a material that scores up at the top when it comes to customer satisfaction in the huge US-market. Part of the popularity may also be the compact 32 1/2" circumference that makes the R9CM325BG so easy to position and handle. A classic one piece closed web is responsible for the catching duties (and the nice sound). The Glove back features an open back with an added index finger pad for increased protection. A leather reinforced palm pad offers professional hand protection, a padded thumb loop adds comfort.

Position: Catcher
Catch side: reg - for right handed thrower
Glove Length: 32 1/2 in. (Catcher Mitt)
Web style: Geschlossenes Web
Hand opening: Open back
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