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Palmguard Sting Stopper Palmguard Sting Stopper
This new protective Glove insert slips on your hand and protects from painful bone bruises and soft tissue damage. Unlike the previous Palmguard Batting-Glove-like design, the Sting Stopper does not add another layer of material between...
€12.00 *
Thumb Guard Thumb Guard
Protect your game. Designed by Americas top Professional Athletic Trainer, EvoShield’s Thumb Guard custom moulds in minutes to provide the ultimate thumb protection. This this guard fits comfortably inside your glove, helping brace your...
€24.00 *
Wrist Guard dark green Wrist Guard dark green
EvoShield has engineered this product on the feedback from professional baseball players and trainers. With traditional plastic and foam guards, hitters said they had to sacrifice comfort for protection. Now players at the highest level...
€25.00 * €30.00 *