WTV5200 SRZ1 Pro Wristguard black

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  EvoShield has engineered this product on the feedback from professional baseball... more
Product information "WTV5200 SRZ1 Pro Wristguard black"


EvoShield has engineered this product on the feedback from professional baseball players and trainers. With traditional plastic and foam guards, hitters said they had to sacrifice comfort for protection. Now players at the highest level are demanding our SRZ1 Pro Wristguard. The most technologically advanced and comfortable guard available, the wrist guard is a soft neoprene sleeve that has a shield insert that forms around to match your wrist, so you can feel the game and not the pain. Sold Each. Items shown with article not included.

And this is how it works:
* EvoShield starts out soft
* contact with air will cause the Gel to harden and create the EvoShield Shield
* Rip the foild bag open
* Place the gel pad inside the wrist guard and put on the wrist guard in the desired area of protection
* Wear the Wrist Guard with the gel pad for 30 minutes as EvoShield permanently hardens to your exact body specifications
* Important: this molding process is irreversible!
* Please note that EvoShield items with opened Gel Bags cannot be returned under the German “Widerrufsrecht”

Sizes (wrist circumference):
Small: 5”- 6”
Medium: 6” to 7”
Large: 7” to 8”
X-Large: 8” to 9”

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