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Lacing Kit Lacing Kit
Replace old or torn Glove laces yourself! No problem with Markworts Lacing Kit. The Kit includes black or tan leather lace and a lacing needle.
€9.00 *
Pro Hitter Pro Hitter
As seen in Major League Baseball. The Pro Hitter is a hand protection device that is worn on the thumb of the hand when holding a bat. The Pro Hitter protects the area between the thumb and pointer finger from vibrations and helps to...
€10.00 *
Pitch Counter Pitch Counter
Keep track of your pitchers pitch count and avoid injuries and overworking your hurlers arm. Solid case, 4 digit display and reset knob.
€11.00 *
Cap Washer Cap Washer
Put your Game Cap in the cap frame and place them in your dishwasher or washing machine. The Cap Washer helps get your Caps clean and keep them in shape (Cap not included).
€11.00 *
Donut Donut
Slip these rubber coated cast iron weights on your Bat and prepare your muscles and yourself for the upcoming at bat. Donuts are color coded and are available in 20 oz. (yellow) and 28 oz. (blue).
From €19.00 *
Glove Locker Glove Locker
Have you been using string or a belt to keep your Glove in the desired shape? Unfortunately, these methods put punctual pressure on your Glove, resulting in unwanted nicks. Better use the Glove Locker, the professional method to keep...
€19.00 *
Super Slugger Bat HJ21FO weight 21 oz. Super Slugger Bat HJ21FO weight 21 oz.
The Super Slugger Bat weight is slid onto the handle of the bat and increases the overall weight of the bat. Great to build up bat speed and stamina. Safe for live hitting. Fits both Base- and Softball Bats.
€25.00 *
Toe Plate Toe Plate
Abrasion resistant glue-on Toeplate. Cut-to-fit so will fit on virtually any shoe. Includes glue and instructions.
€26.00 *
Pro Relacer Kit Pro Relacer Kit
Tool set to relace Baseball and Softball Gloves. Includes leather punch, U-Wire steel lacing needle, steel lacing tool, three leather laces in tan and illustrated instructions.
€29.00 *
Throw Down Baseset Throw Down Baseset
Rubber-Baseset for easy and quick Field set up. The set contains three Bases, a Pitcher Rubber and a Homeplate.
€39.00 *
Magnetic Lineup Board Magnetic Lineup Board
Lineup Board with magnetic front and dry erase back. Front panel shows the lineup and a field diagramm, back panel shows a field diagramm and an enlarge batters box. Includes 30 magnetic name tabs and a dry marker.
€39.00 *
Batting Tee Batting Tee
Batting Tee with adjustable ball holder
€49.00 *
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